Lowery Enterprises LLC
In House Services

3D Printing Services & Applications

Stereolithography, Digital Light Processing, Fuse Deposition Modeling Machines Ft.  Formlabs, DREMEL, 3D Systems, & Stratasys.

Design and Development Solutions by Experts

Full End to End Design Services, Tailored Specifically To Your Needs - For the Results You Want. 

Urethane Casting

RTV Molding, Tooling, Low-Mid Volume Production Expertise Ft. Vacuum Cast & Meter-Mix Dispensing Machines

What We Do


Intricate, accurate detailing
Excellent Surface Finish
Prototypes or One Off Parts
Formlabs: Form 2, 3+, 3L

Fuse Deposition Modeling

Basic Proof Of Concept Models
Simple Prototyping
Stratasys F270 & DREMEL DIgilab 3D45

Digital Light Processing

Suitable for one-off small and intricate parts, Quickly print a large scaled part without much detail
3D Systems: FabPro1000

Cast Urethane Finishing

Smoothing, Satin, Gloss Polishing, Clear Coat, Custom Finishing Available

Post Processing: SLA & FDM

Painting, Bead Blasting, Smoothing, Press-fit Inserts, Digital Texturizing, Laser Surface Decorating & Etching, Heliocoil Threaded Fasteners